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Cutting Back This Summer

Cutting Back This Summer

Next week is Lilly’s last week of school and quite frankly it scares me. In the last few months we got into a really good routine and now there is a new wrench into the system. Managing Lilly’s low mobility activities and keeping A-man busy can be challenging. I’ve gotten into the habit of doing higher mobility activities with A-man while Lilly is at school and well that is coming to an end. My life is about to get crazy busy.

The thought of how busy life is about to get is exhausting!

I do have a game plan for this summer.  It’s going to be a summer of meeting up with friends in backyards and lots of walks. I will be walking everywhere, (it adds time to our activities,) and taking in as many free activities as possible. Honestly my blogging scheduled is literally staring me in the face, plus my volunteer work and it has left me wondering how I am going to get through this summer with my sanity?

Cutting Back This Summer P

What always come first are my kids. I want to enjoy my children’s childhood and if I am over committed I become a cranky mom. Cranky moms are no fun 😉 For the next two months I am making some drastic changes to my routine.

One Post A Week          I am cutting down to one post on Mondays for the summer. It’s a sacrifice for my page numbers but I believe in the long run it will pay off. Also it will relieve a lot of stress and maybe I  can make up some new content. 🙂

Social Media       I’m cutting down my post but I will still be posting. My goal to help grow local writers. If you know me in the real world and would like help with your social media please let me know.

Courtlands Hope Foundation    In the last six months my role has moved past social media and I am getting more involved. This summer I have a to do list that I want to concur. 🙂 This will be my mine focus instead of the blog.

Menu Planning        Yes, I will be still posting my menu’s every two weeks in a free printable format.

This summer is going to be busy but these changes to my life should make it less stress full. What changes are you making to your life to help you through the summer?



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