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Feeding My Man

Feeding My Man TW2

The Hubby works hard to provide for our family, and often miss dinner. He also is addicted to food shows and his Facebook wall is full of food ideas. When I meal plan I try to include a few of these ideas on days I am guarantee that he will be home. I also try to make food that tastes good re-heated so that he has something to eat whenever he rolls through the door.

There is a quote that I often use with The Hubby, “The way to your heart is through your stomach.” But it is true with him. A good meal that I have put together for him makes him feel well-loved . There is a big issue when cooking for him. He loves meals that totally go against what I like. The Hubby is a meat, potato man and I am a salad kind of women. How do I pull it off?


I try to have 2-3 meals per rotation that The Hubby completely loves. I also swap out ingredients for my healthier ingredients. 😉 He doesn’t mind as long as it tastes good. One trick I use often is switching out a potato for a sweet potato. Simple little tricks like this help keep me on track with my healthy eating and allow The Hubby to get the meals he loves.

Feeding My Man

Feeding My Man Free Printable Dinner Plan

 I am really excited to share my first free printable meal plan. This is a two week dinner plan that my family eats. It’s simple and can be adapted to anyone’s budget!

If you would like to see one of your family’s favourite meal in the free printable please leave me a comment. I am going to try to include one readers favourite meal in my free printable meal plans.



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