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Focusing My Social Media

Focusing My Social Media TW1

Have you been overwhelmed with all the social media options out there? There is always seems to be a new course or email that will guarantee an increase your page views, bounce rates or followers. I know because I have been reading them and have been trying to bring up my page views. Truthfully it has left me feeling overwhelmed.

Then something happened in the last week.A post that I threw together last minute and didn’t really advertise did better than all the glamour post I have been putting out lately.

What? I know a post that I didn’t pre-party or party was my most successful post. My second most successful post was a fluke that I threw together to help some friends.  Both of these had something in common I just kept my marketing simple.

The Hubby has been noticing that I have been all over the place with my computer stuff lately. That I haven stretching myself too much trying to take the blog to the next level… This has left me unfocused and procrastinating a lot.

Focusing My Social Media P3

That`s when The Hubby came up with the idea that maybe I should leave the house to twice a week to work and that is the only time I log onto the internet. Let`s face it I waste a lot of time doing other things then creating content.  The key word here is internet. I can still log onto my computer and make content on my word processors.

The challenge is to do this for three months to see if it helps the blog grow and if I could finally put out that e-book that I have been writing forever.

When I first heard of this challenge I thought there is no way I could pull this off. I mean between interacting in blogger groups, pinning, and writing content there`s no way I can cut it down to 5-6 hours a week. Then it hit me. I already do that, just not in the most effective way. All I need to do is re-arrange how I blog.

Post        Have them written, edited and ready to put up into WordPress for work bees.

Scheduling     Maximize my scheduling as much as I can. Plan things a head of time.

Graphics      Keep them simple. Cut back on how many I am making a week.

Social Media Accounts    Clean them up and keep them simple.

Most of all stop reading all those messages out there that you need this eBook to improve your blog! This week is week one of this personal challenge. It will be interesting if making things simpler will see some growth in my social media. What do you do to make your blogging simpler?



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