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5 Reasons Why I Love Blogging

6 Reasons Why I Love Blogging

When I first started blogging I had no idea how much I would fall in love with it. I remember how scared I was to hit publish on that first post. My biggest fear was that no one would like what I had to say.

Since hitting publish on the first post I have become a blog addict. It’s my most consistent hobby. My numbers are not 100,000 page views a day like other blogs but I am okay with that. (Well most of the time)

Mommas Wonderings will be 3 this September and I am very happy with how the last few years have turned out. Yes, I did not become a huge name blogger but the biggest reward is personal.  Blogging has made a huge impact on who I am today.

5 Reasons Why I Love Blogging P.jpg

I’m Not Alone    As a mom raising an Atypical child I felt very alone in the world when I first started blogging. At that point in my life I had not met many other mom’s on the same path as I. Through blogging I found other mom’s raising Atypical children. I even read post of them dealing with similar situations and it makes me feel like I wasn’t the only person experiencing these things.

Passion         I’m a Stay At Home mom due to Lilly’s needs. Going back into the career I had before I had Lilly is just not an option. Trying to figure out what is the next step professionally has been frustrating. I have found that blogging has given me a passion to develop myself. When things are grey and ugly with Lilly’s medically that’s when I do my best brain storming. It fuels me to think about what the future may hold.

The Challenge  I hated computer class, in fact if my friends didn’t help me I probably would have failed the class. I never took a business class in my life and branding was word I had no idea about before I started blogging. In the last 5 years I  have learned so much about graphics, SEO, Social Media and now Blogging Law & Business. There is always a new challenge to conquer.

Advocacy         In the last few months I have been stretching myself with writing more controversial post such as Dear Sophie and Transgender Bathrooms. The reason why is as Lilly grows older I want to be able to advocate for her needs. Also I like to advocate for women. By writing post on things that I have gone through I can help another women going through a similar situation.

Stress Relief      Blogging is my favourite stress relief. When my fingers hit the keyboard I forget things like surgeries, weird physical regression issues and all the other stress-ors in my life.  It’s my grown up outlet and I love it.

I do not know if I am meant to be a full-time blogger but right now I am enjoying writing. Please tell me why you love blogging.



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