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Road Trip

Road Trip

Honestly we didn’t mean stop doing road trips it just kind of happened. When Lilly was little we didn’t think twice packing her up and heading out onto the open road. The fact is in the last two years we have not gone further than an hour from our house.


The last few years Lilly’s chronic pain has gotten worse. About 5 years ago we noticed Lilly started to hate her car seat. Both Lilly’s hamstrings have been tightening over the years. In fact they are so tight right now that the pressure of them sitting on the car seat base triggers a whole bunch of pain.

Road Trips

This past spring we finally found a car seat that works with Lilly’s muscles. The main reason is it has a memory foam base. 🙂

After writing the post Transgender Bathrooms I realized that we need to start taking risks again. With Lilly’s operation not happening in the time frame we where hoping I now have a summer with no plans. This past weekend we decided to try a road trip to my favourite mall Cross Iron.

I love this mall because it is one level and I don’t have to wait for elevators or try to find them. It also has a family bathroom, (which could be expanded on) and all my favourite stores.

An hour into the drive we stopped for breakfast and decided Lilly could handle the rest of the drive. The first place we went to once we got to the mall was the food court.

Road Trip Fb4

After lunch we split up into two groups; the girls and the guys. Us girls wandered in and out of stores that caught our interest. I actually got to go to Couch and drool over some purses. This never happens. I was in heaven!

We stumbled upon the guys in Build A Bear and A-man was getting his own Build A Bear. Another first to happen for this guy. He chose a monkey that he has named “Kitty,” which he loves!

Road Trip 3

Lilly got new dress for her Tink and Stollery Bear. Over all it was a great trip. This summer we now have plans for a trip to the  Drumheller and back to school shopping at Cross Irons. I am looking forward to a summer of short road trips!

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  1. So glad that you Lily is feeling better. Thanks for linking up with us at Family Joy Blog Link Up Party this week.


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