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Oh Man What’s For Dinner?

The Game Plan

Have you ever walked out of a big box store and stared at your bill thinking, how on earth did I just drop three hundred dollars? That was me last grocery shop. My bill was high and I felt like I got very little for my dollar. I vowed my next grocery shop would be different. This week I sat down and made up a game plan.

In my post Planning My Dinner I share 5 tips on how I get supper onto the table. These 5 tips still apply today but life has thrown me two curve ball in preparing meals. Lilly is on a seventy-five percent soft food diet and A-man now likes meat but only if it’s BBQ. Today I am sharing my game plan.

Oh Man What's For Supper P

Oh Man Plan– You know those days that nothing is going right and you still have to feed the family? How about those days when you’re so busy that you lose track of time? That is the day I pull out one of my Oh Man Plan for lunch or dinner. These meals need to be thrown together easy and under thirty minutes. Here are my top 8 meals and I these ingredients always make the grocery list.

Scrambled Eggs & Toast      Kraft Dinner   Pancakes   Chicken Stripes & Fries

Grilled Cheese               French Toast        Hot Dogs       Frozen Pizza

Healthy Eating Plan– This plan is the I am eating right and making healthy choices recipes. First I need to say is I believe food is good for you it’s just what and how you consume it. 🙂 A lot of my recipes I swap out things for coconut oil, butter, or a healthier ingredient.

Kids Plan–  Eating healthy is great but I love throwing in fun things for the kids to eat. Things like mudslide ice crème sundaes, fruit filled wafer cones and mini corn dogs are just some of the items I like to treat the kids with.

One of the benefits of being a blogger is my Pinterest account. During my day I come across tons of great recipes to pin. I have a Healthy Eating board that I pin all the ideas to. (Feel free to follow the board to get inspiration for your meal planning.) When I meal plan I just pull up the board and choose recipes from it.

I have a black book that I write a copy of my meal plan in and my shopping list. When I am in the grocery store and they don’t have a key ingredient I can look at my meal plan to improvise on the spot. Before when I didn’t take the meal plan with me I would forget what I had plan then buy ingredients that did not match up.

Oh Man What's For Dinner

Note: You can swap out any of the proteins for chicken. I also swap out potatoes for sweet potatoes.

When written out like that it looks so simple to throw together. I buy a big enough ham to last 2 meals and a few lunches for The Hubby. I only meal plan for 6 days a week because I find on the weekends we usually head out to my parents for one meal or have enough left overs to cover that day. The great thing about this meal plan is it’s flexible on how fancy you want to get.

I can make the meals very simple or do a complex meal that has a lot of prep.

This is my game plan and I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 If there is enough interest I will post my next meal plan and grocery list as a free printable. Please leave a comment to let me know if this is something you would like as a reader.



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