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Dear Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

Dear Sophie

It seems I can’t turn on my news browser or social media with out something popping up about how you need more help. Honestly it’s discouraging to see how much attention this is getting. You see, every day in Canada there are many overwhelmed women but no one talks about it.

Actually, it’s kind of taboo to talk about. For some reason being overwhelmed carries with it the stereotype that you’re weak (which is not true).

Since becoming a Mom, I have read a lot of posts on being overwhelmed and steps to help you feel less overwhelmed.  Motherhood differentially is nothing close to what I envisioned during my first pregnancy. Down time is very rare in this household because when I am not doing typical parenting stuff like cooking, washing dishes (by hand), and cleaning; I also micromanage a blog, I serve as a director of a foundation, and I am also a mom of a child with a medically complex childhood disability.

A few years ago, I was talking to a social worker about how overwhelming things are she said something that I hated but it is true…

“You can get more support, but it will not take away the feeling of being overwhelmed.”

Being overwhelmed is a feeling. You can throw as many staff members at it as you want, but that won’t take it away. This is something only you can only do. Today,  I will share some of the tips I have learned over the years.

Dear Sophie

A Meeting With You–    On a regular basis, schedule a meeting  with yourself in your official planner. (That way it actually happens) During this time go over your life goals, and evaluate how your life is reflecting these goals. Use this time to also dream about what you want to do.

Cut Back-  As great as it is to meet everyones needs, if you can’t meet your own needs then you’re on a fast track to burn out. Set up some great boundaries to help you say “No” more often.

A Life Coach-  This might be something you can do to explore why you’re feeling overwhelmed. A life coach could give you the tools that you need to make life simpler and less overwhelming.

Is giving you more staff the answer? No, because this is a emotional issue. Is looking into the role of the Prime Minster’s spouse and what she does important? Yes, but I wonder, are you going to lend your voice to things that address being overwhelmed?

The issue here is not that Canadians are jealous of you (honestly I wouldn’t want to take on your role) as the CBC article, Analysis The Hacking Of Tall Poppy Sophie Gregorie Trudeau: Neil Macdonald implies. The issue is more that you have inadvertently insulted a lot of overwhelmed women.

Dear Sophie

Right now in Canada, there is an overwhelmed woman living in a stranger’s house because she has been evacuated from her own home. Right now in Canada, an overwhelmed mom is trying to figure out how she is going to feed her children tonight or buy diapers.

The fact is, unlike you,  they won’t be able to get extra help while feeling overwhelmed.

Now my question to you Sophie is “How are you going to fix this? Are you going to put a Band-Aid on the issue or deal with your emotions at the heart of the matter?


An Overwhelmed Mom

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