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Transgender Bathrooms

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Since I first heard about transgender bathrooms I have been against them. Most people would think it’s because of my faith being a Christian, but it is not (Okay I do have views from that standpoint, but that is not what this post is about). As I read about the debate, I have heard one word being thrown around a lot.


That is the goal; making bathrooms more inclusive for the transgender community. I get that being a minority sucks, really I do. My life is all about being a minority (having a disability myself and raising a child with a brain injury). I get bullying, I’ve been there and I have been badly bullied myself.

What I don’t get is- only making the bathrooms more accessible for ONE minority.

How is that inclusion?

This past Sunday on my personal Facebook page, I got brave and posted a status weighing in on the issue of Transgender Bathrooms. I was surprised how many people positively responded to it. I actually expected more of a negative response.

Today I am weighing in on the same subject, Transgender bathrooms. Personally, I think it’s appalling that so much fuss is being made about it when our disabled community has to either be changed on the bathroom floor or in their vehicles outside (which we do often). My husband cannot help me change our daughter because he isn’t allowed in the bathroom even though she is getting to the weight of needing two people to lift her. It amazes me how laws are being changed for the transgendered, but there is nothing being done about making rest rooms more accessible for the disabled whose only option often is to get changed in the pee or mud off the shoes of others! The Transgender bathrooms are not about human rights but about backing a topic that makes people look good. If it was about human rights bathrooms would be inclusive to people with disabilities; which from the statistics I have read, there are far more people with disabilities in the world than transgendered people. ‪#‎inclusiveforall‬

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I avoid changing my child when we go out and about. Actually, I go as far as planning my outing so I don’t have to change her in a public washroom. We try not to be out all day and I make sure to change her right before we leave.

Every once in a while, we get to go to a nice family bathroom with stall doors that reach the floor. I love those bathrooms for privacy issues! No one can see her private area but those bathrooms have a huge issue.

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The cross contamination of what people bring in on their shoes is just gross, (animal feces, dirt, grass, etc..) Oh, and don’t get me on the topic of human feces. The whole idea gives me nightmares. My next big issue with bathrooms is actually quite simple.


Have you ever tried pushing a special needs stroller and carrying a two year old into a public washroom? It can be a nightmare! The doorways are too narrow, the stall is too small for the three of us and trying to wash everyones hands is laughable. If I get into trouble in the ladies bathroom with my daughter and I, my husband can not even come to my rescue!

If people want to make bathrooms inclusive, it should be set up in a manner that Women, Men, Transgenders, Children, Elderly and people with disabilities are PROTECTED and SAFE, ensuring that everyone is respected when they use the bathrooms and changing rooms in public.


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8 thoughts on “Transgender Bathrooms

  1. As someone with a transgendered sister I think the fight for equality is long overdue and fighting over who uses what bathroom is crazy. With that said, it makes no since that bathrooms are not updated. I feel like on many companies parts it is easier (and cost nothing or nearly nothing) to let those who are transgender use the bathrooms. It cost money to update and redesign a bathroom to help mothers, fathers, and people with disability. I 100% agree they need to include everyone in these changes.

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    1. Honestly I wish the whole debate was making bathrooms more accessible for everyone. As for equality I don’t think there is such thing. Almost everyday I advocate for something upon my daughters behalf even though she is supposed to have equal rights to things.


  2. The only thing that worries me about the shared bathrooms is the predators will have more of a free reign because they can just claim transgender and gain entrance where young females, or males are at.


    1. I would beg to differ with this argument. I think people misunderstand transgender – they go through an insane amount of hoops to have their gender recognized. It won’t hold up anywhere. A man can’t don a skirt and call himself trans just so he can walk into the women’s bathroom, doesn’t work that way. They are fighting a daily battle to change their outside to fit their insides.

      But I do agree with Candice in that bathrooms need a serious overhaul for disabilities and families. My husband is a stay-at-home dad and when our kids were in diapers, it was always difficult for him to find a men’s room with a changing table. The family bathrooms have been an improvement.


  3. This was really well written. I completely see where you’re coming from and it must be a huge struggle. But even if we are only helping one minority at a time, it’s better then helping no minority at all.


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