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5 Healthy Food Choices

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Monday Motivation April 24 TW

Lilly’s recent hospitalization, (Stollery Stay, G-tube, #HoldAADLAccountable,) through me right off my routine. Thanks to my adventure with Fresh Fit Foods I had gotten into a great habit of eating my heavier carbs earlier in the day and sticking to protein and vegetables with my supper. I have even seen results with shirts getting baggier and down three pounds. (Yes!!)

The breakdown of my routine allowed some old habits come out, (Yum Chips.)

My Monday Motivation this week is right. This week is a fresh start with new strengths and thoughts. It’s time to start making healthy choices again! The thing is I often see weight loss tips that conflict with one another. Some people say that pop corn is a great snack to eat where other people tell you to avoid it at all cost.

5 Healthier Food Choices

It can be down right confusing! I recently got the chance to talk to Fresh Fit Foods Nutrition Manager Laura Swim, who cleared up some questions I had. I hope you find these questions clear something up for you too!


1. Popcorn; I have heard and read that it is a great option for a snack on other plans but on the 21 Day Weightloss Challenge it isn’t. I was wondering why?

In the Fresh Fit Foods snacks we look to include protein as it supports building and repairing muscles and tissues. It also helps to keep you fuller longer! Popcorn is a low-calorie snack (if you aren’t coating it with salt, butter and flavourings), but does not contain that protein component.

2. Insulin Resistance is something I struggle with, what is the one food that I should avoid?

Sugar! Sugary treats such as granola bars, kids cereal, etc. spike our blood sugar levels. Fresh Fit Foods focuses on including quality complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat pasta, brown rice and quinoa in our meals to provide the body with a steady release of energy. This will minimize the big spikes and drops in blood sugar levels.

3. What is your favourite meal from Fresh Fit Food?

A favourite is the Turkey Sunrise for breakfast which has brown rice, eggs, ground turkey with a tomato and jalapeno salsa! Also enjoy the Breakfast burritos and Greek Chicken Salad!

4. I struggle with being tired of drinking just water all day. What would you recommend to drink when I am bored of water?

To add some flavour to your water you could make big pot of herbal tea and put it in the fridge to drink cold. Still very hydration but offers flavour without sugar.

5. I have the biggest sweet tooth. How does dark chocolate fruit fit into the 21 Day Weightloss Challenge? Dark chocolate fruit? Please clarify.
Dark chocolate (70% or higher) is okay as it does have lower sugar so not as big of an impact on blood sugar levels, we also tend to have better portion control with it as it is more bitter versus sugary. I like to pair with a peppermint tea which helps to melt the chocolate or almond butter which is naturally sweet for some healthy fats and added protein.

5 Healthy Food Choices P1

After working in the Marketing world for 7 years, Laura followed her passion of promoting health and became a Holistic Nutrition Consultant. Laura firmly believes in a holistic approach to educate on lifestyle and how it impacts health. In her spare time, you can find Laura hiking with her dog, doing yoga or testing out a new recipe.


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