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Healthy Weight-Loss, PCOS and Basically Rocking It

Housekeeping note: due to technical issues the google hangout with Fresh Fit Foods is not happening today but an written interview will be on the blog next week. I apologize for any inconvenience.

You know that on top of the world feeling you get when your really rocking an area of your life? It’s amazing! Right now that is how I feel about my weight-loss and PCOS Control. A few post ago in 21 Days Weight Loss Challenge & PCOS I revealed my plan to lose weight.

The thing is it has gone against everything I know about losing weight. I mean come on the world has over 1000000 messages out there on weight-loss. It is a huge industry from work out machines to shake plans. (Yes, I have been on a few of those)

Weightloss, PCOS And Basically Rocking It


Yes, you read right! The only time I feel hungry is when I skip my snacks, (which I do way too often) or do not eat my heavier meals early in the day. With the 21 Day Weight-loss Challenge guidelines I have replaces my bad habit food with food that fuels my body.

Weightloss, PCOS And Basically Rocking It

I broke up with my scale and measuring tape a long time ago. It’s scandalous I know! How many pictures do you see with declarations I lost 15 pounds in so many days in your daily life? A lot probably. The thing about PCOS and stress I find is when I put expectations like that on my weightless journey I fail miserably. The only expectation I had was to fit into a pair of favourite dress pants, that didn’t happen.Back Fat FB

This graphic hit my social media last week and it’s true. One day a few weeks ago I caught myself in the mirror. My back fat was no longer hanging over my bra. Then I turned forward and saw definition on my rib cage. I have also lost some definition in my breast size. This also happened after my last pregnancy weightless journey. During my pregnancy I go from size A cup to size D cup. It’s not that surprising to see change in this area first.

Weightloss, PCOS P3

In the past I have jumped on high impact work out plans but this time I decided to focus on lowing my stress levels instead. Over the last two years I have gained some stress related injuries. The biggest hurdle I had to get over was re-training my mind. A walk that used to take me 15 minutes now takes me an hour. (I also go with 2-3 other moms and their children) After the walks I feel so relax and my stress levels where way down 🙂

How about you? Have you had any results this week with you weight-loss? Do you also struggle like me?



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