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Fresh Fit Food Review

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Fresh Fit Food TW1

My biggest complaint about trying to eat healthy is that my lifestyle often gets in the way. When I first started the two weeks of trying to implement the Fresh Fit Food products into my life, I thought this would be easy. Then my life exploded. During the time period that I was trying out the meals, Lilly & A-man got sick, we had 2 ER visits (one close to 7 hours long), 3 pediatrician appointments, and two specialist appointments. Meal planning literally went out the window!


When I was too tired to think about making myself a meal or the kids where too sick to eat I found myself reaching for the Fresh Fit Foods meal that was conveniently labeled “lunch” or “dinner.” Having these meals in the freezer helped me keep on task!


Each meal I tried was full of nutrition which was exactly what I was looking for in this product. The Stir-fry was full of vegetables that I have always wanted to try but The Hubby was not too found of. One of the things that I was excited to try was turkey cooked in a different way than what I am used to. I found each meal that I chose with turkey in it was very tasty to eat. Overall, I was impressed with the quality of the meals.


This is a huge thing for me. Anything I eat has to taste really good. Often The Hubby and I don’t go back to restaurants if I can make it better. I found each meal was very delicious. The Turkey Sunrise, Western Chili and Chicken Stir-fry were a bit too spicy for my liking but I highly recommend them if you like spice. The chicken in the chicken Alfredo and Chicken Stir-fry where a bit dry but that is probably just from being frozen.

My Must Haves

Fresh Fit Food Review

I am a sucker for the Spaghetti Bolognese and Turkey Chili, which is perfect because one is a lunch meal and one is a dinner meal! I’m a pasta girl to the core; carbs, carbs, carbs! Being able to eat pasta on my 21 Day Challenge just makes me so happy. As for the Turkey Chili, there is no way I can get The Hubby to eat a homemade version of that!!!

The Fresh Fit Meals do exactly what I was hoping for; an alternative microwave meal different from what you would usually find at the big box stores. I found by keeping up with my meal eating plan, I didn’t eat nearly as much fast food as I normally would during a stressful time. We are totally planning on picking up more of these products to stick in the freezer!

Fresh Fit Foods Review

Next Wednesday I will be doing a Google Hangout with Laura from Fresh Fit Foods at 1 pm Alberta time. Laura is nutritionists who will be answering some of my questions about eating healthy.

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