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Pre Planning Your Blog Post

This post has affiliate links in it. The opinion in expressed in it are mine alone.

Last week in my blog post “Skyrocketing My Blog To Success” I became transparent in my blog numbers and declared that something had to change. It was very encouraging to see that the few changes I did make in my blogging world had huge results.

Change Your Life FB

My momentum came to a halt once the exhaustion of taking care of 2 sick kids kicked in, but I am excited that my life will go back to normal this week!! The biggest area where I saw results last week were in my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds.

During the last week, I have found the Facebook Groups I’ve joined very helpful in exposing my content and giving me new ideas 🙂 A big part of me is kicking myself for not joining these groups sooner!!

Bloggers Wanted

I am still looking for Bloggers to join my tribe. To those who have expressed interest, I sent out emails over the weekend to touch base with you and if you haven’t received them by now, something went wrong. If you want to know more about Bloggers Wanted, please check out my page!

Pre Partying Your Blog Post


I had fallen a bit behind on the task last week with the kids being sick. My goal this week is to get caught up on tasks and to implement them into my blogging life. You can check out more about this e-book under my page “Skyrocketing My Blog To Success.”

Pre Planning Your Blog

One of the biggest things I took away from last week is that I don’t pre plan my blog. Before last week, I wrote my post, made great graphics, and hit publish. That was about it. As I started to implement the things mentioned by Crystal and Kelli (from the book), I quickly realized that I needed something to keep track of my daily to do list. I quickly made something up on Word but it wasn’t doing the job.

Pre Partying Your Blog PostP

Luckily I found the free e-book, The Blog Post Check List by Pixel26. This e-book has become my lifesaver when it comes to pre planning my post. Not only does it give you tips on how to pre plan your post, but it also has a Blog Post Checklist that has saved me so much time!

This week my plan is to interact on Facebook Groups, plan out my social media and catch up on my Skyrocket challenge. What are your goals for your blog?



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