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Essential Oils & Us

This post has affiliate links in it. The opinion in expressed in it are mine alone.

Today I am talking about something I have never blogged about but is a huge part of our life…..Essential Oils. It honestly has been a life saviour in our household with Lilly’s Chronic Pain. The first time I ever heard about Essential Oils was through other bloggers, (reading all those post!) 

Last week with Lilly getting hit by a virus really hard it reminded me just how much we use it! As a mom raising an Atypical child I remember feeling so lost when we started using them. There is so much contradicting information out there!

Essential Oils & Us

When Lilly first started experiencing the Chronic Pain in her legs it was overwhelming trying to figure out what to do. There was two major issues that limited what we could use at the time;

Her weight, and the fact she is sensitive to pharmaceuticals.

When I started looking into essential oils there wasn’t nearly half the stuff out there that there is today. I literally spent hours reading anything that I could get my hands on and talking to other people who use essential oils. Then with help of some of Lilly’s medical team member’s I was able to come up with a plan. Today I will share my tips.

Essentail Oils & Us P1

Get Educated

There are many books out there on essential oils. Make sure you pick up a few to get a variety of style. Some companies such a Saje host Seminars and other educational opportunities. You can also find online courses on essential oils by public figures such as Holly Hobson.

Talk To Medical Professionals

“My son’s doctor suggested we try essential oils to control his ADHD where did you get yours?” I recently got asked this question in the waiting room of a Doctors Office by another Mom. As the years have passed I am finding more and more medical professionals are  open to Essential Oils. Having a conversation about them with your child’s medical professional is key. As we are prepping for surgery I was reminded by one of Lilly’s nurses to write-up her essential oil treatment plan to put on her chart.

Go With A Well Known Company

This is something I wish I knew when I first started out because I wasted money on some essential oils brands. In our case we need a therapeutic grade and not everyone get’s the same results with each brand. (example one brand might work well for a friend but not you) We personally use Saje because I love the convenience of running into the store for products. (Like when we have an acute case of pain) I also find their staff well-informed on their products!

Wear Gloves When Applying Essential Oils

This tip always throws people off when I mention it. In a course of a day with Lilly I can apply a lot of essential oils products and different kinds. Then I move onto A-man with what he needs. Some of the products I use on Lilly have ingredients like Arcadia that I don’t need to use on A-man. To make sure there isn’t any residue on my hands I wash them really well and use gloves.

Try The Oils Out On You First

If you have children this is important, make sure you try out products first on yourself and then your child. That way you know what the product does.

What about you? Do you use essential oils with yourself or your kiddos? Let me know!



One thought on “Essential Oils & Us

  1. I love using essential oils that have a great track record. I guess I have a bias with a company that has an MLM structure. The reason I like the MLM company I am using is rather then pay for store advertising costs the company rewards me as a loyal user. So happy you enjoy using essential oils. I love sharing my passion every chance I get. Oils sold on the store shelf have a greater chance of being diluted with other less expensive or harmful fillers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts I learn so much from others.

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