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21 Day Weight Loss Challenge & PCOS

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If you have been following me the last few weeks you would know that I have been doing the challenge of Get Up, Dress Up and Show Up for the past three weeks now. It has been going really great. I have to admit I am still surprised what a positive impact this challenge had on my life.

Last week in the post The Dare: Taking It Up A Notch I commented that I would be switching my foods; taking out white carbs, (White breads, too much pasta) and replacing it with more vegetables and proteins. As of today I am day 3 of a 21 Say Weight Loss Challenge by Fresh Fit Foods.

Honestly I know what I need to do to shed the 45 pounds without going on an extreme diet or some other plan. During my life span I have cooked for a type 1 diabetic and I know about eating a low glycemic index foods which is key in keeping my blood sugars level.

For me this is important because of the insulin resistance that comes with having PCOS.

I have two major things that stand in my way;


Let’s face it we are all busy and I am just like everyone else.  Yes, I could do one of those make 25 meals in one day but I am just busy. Between running a household, taking care of Lilly’s medical stuff, running a blog and now working for Courtlands Hope Foundation there’s just not enough time in the day. Let’s face it cooking three healthy meals, and two snacks a day can be exhausting.

Easy To Cheat

My children are not picky eaters but they do love things like pancakes, mac n cheese and if Lilly had her way she would have pasta twice a day. It’s also easy to just grab something from the local fast food joint.

When Fresh Fit Foods and I started having a conversation about a possible review I had no clue that I was going to try the 21 Day Challenge. I picked up 6 meals to try (product reveal next Friday) and my challenge also is to implement them into my already healthy cooking menu. In other words I use these meals for when I have run out of time to cook a healthy meal, or the family has ordered Pizza and I need a swap meal.

21 Day Weight Loss Challenge & PCOS P

21 Day Challenge Weight Loss Principles

  1. Eat your heavier meals earlier in the day.
  2. include protein as a part of every time you eat, (including snacks.)
  3. Vegetables and Protein for dinner.
  4. Portion control so you aren’t over eating.
  5. Cut out bad habits.

When I was in the store I picked up this great hand out that has a great easy to go to list of common foods and where they stand on the Glycemic Index. My goal is to keep on the lower end of the index. Also to keep with the plan I need to keep my stress levels down and get enough sleep!

Let’s see how the next 19 days go!



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