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The Early Years: Skin To Skin Care

I spent many of hours staring at the poster in Lilly’s NICU unit looking at the sign about Kangaroo care till the point that I had it memorized. Skin to skin care was our number one therapy during Lilly’s first two years of life. When I brought Lilly home from the hospital I had no clue what I was doing.

Today I am quickly going over a few things that impacted how I did things.

The Early Years; Skin to Skin Carevtw

I can still remember that lunch conversation I had with a preemie mom when she explained the 90 minute rule. She was stressing out because at that moment she was trying to figure out how to get her preemie home because they had a 5 hour drive a head of them and the baby could only be in the car seat no longer than 90 minutes, (neck control.)

For some reason I decided that I needed to follow this rule even though she was not a preemie. Quiet honestly it drove my family crazy! We lived half hour away from everything. If Lilly fall asleep in the car seat I took her out as soon as we stopped. I wouldn’t let her lay in the car seat for church, grocery shopping or visiting friends.

Looking back at the wisdom I have now this rule probably helped with her muscle development.

I didn’t Put Her Down

“You’ll spoil her,”or “how do you get things done” were the comments I remember getting the most when I told people that we didn’t put her down.  At the time it seemed like it would never end but in reality it was a short time. Due to Lilly’s brain injury she stayed in the newborn stage longer then you typical baby and needed that extra cuddle time. One of the ways I got through this period beside family members helping, was baby wearing. I actually did it with both children. I know have a collection of different style of carriers.

The Early Years; Skin To Skin Care P

Beyond The Sling

Beyond The Sling by Mayim Bialik, PhD was the first parenting book that I read that made sense to me. It’s a parenting book on attachment parenting written by someone who has a PhD in neuroscience. It was interesting to see her side of parenting and it made sense to some of the things that I experienced.

 How about you? What did you find helpful those first months home?


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4 thoughts on “The Early Years: Skin To Skin Care

  1. I loved skin to skin when my daughter was born. She is 12 months now and I still hold her for her day time naps. She sleeps in her crib at night. I love that time holding her during the day though and feel like it makes our bond closer. I can’t believe anyone would tell you that you were spoiling your child. You were just doing what was best for you and your child and that’s okay! Thanks for joining the Family Joy link up. 🙂


  2. I completely agree that the more skin to skin contact, the more baby and mom can look each other in the face and study each other, the better! I am convinced that a very important key in raising children who feel and know they are loved is to hold them and cuddle with them as much as possible when they are brand new 🙂 I really enjoyed reading this post today!


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