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The Dare: Taking It Up A Notch

Last week in The Dare: It’s More Than Losing Weight I talked about taking up the challenge Get Up, Dress Up and Show Up by Whatsoever Is Lovely Living. I did it every day but one, (the kids and I had a PJ day after a busy weekend.) Honestly I thought I would do it for two days than slack off!

I’m Still Doing It!

Each morning I set my alarm for 6 am and get up before the children. In that time I quickly set things up for the children before having a shower, doing my hair & make up and getting dressed up. On the first day I quickly realized something.

My make up is old, (it needs replaced,) I need hair styling products, I mostly have dress clothes or frumpy mommy clothes and I need some funky mommy jewelry.

Basically I thought, “When did this happen?”

I put hair styling products, (I have to tame these curls somehow) on the grocery shopping list and solved that issue. The rest will take some time to collect again but I have some items in mind. I found doing my hair and make up every day gave me a boost in confidence.

There is one side effect I did not expect from doing this dare….

The Dare; Taking It Up A Notch TW1

With out being on a plan or making healthier eating goals I found myself swapping out things in my meal prep for myself. One morning I made the children french toast and strawberries and I had a spinach cheese omelet. That night I swapped noodles for spaghetti squash with supper.

I noticed making small changes like that had a huge impact on my energy levels.

When The Hubby got home from a business trip he noticed that I had more pep in my step. He surprised me with telling me to get a ticket to Coffee & Paint Night that my talented friend was hosting last night. It was a great night visiting friends and attempting to paint.

The Dare; Taking It Up A Notch FB

My expectations of the night was just to have fun with friends. (It’s a good thing because my painting skills are limited) To store memories in the memory bank. The painting part was relaxing and de-stressing.

Heading into week two of The Dare I am adding;

switching Out Foods

This week I am going to try really hard on switching out white carbs, (bread, pasta) and  white sugar for healthier options. For me personally, these are the two food ingredients my body struggles processing. When I limit them I feel so much better and I know it will have a huge pay off.

The Dare; Taking It Up A Notch P


My artistic skills is limited, (in other words no one is going to rush out and buy my work,) but I have always enjoyed being creative. In high school I would spend hours creating something but some where along the way into my 20s I stopped. Last week I took an old bible cover case and turned it into a sketch kit. It holds my sketch book, black pen, drawing pencils and pencil crayons. I am trying to do I bit of sketching each day.

What about you? Are you changing anything in your life this week?


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