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#Yegbike: Off Comes The Parental Controls

This past weekend we were blessed with the opportunity of borrowing an adaptive bike from the You Can Ride Two program out of Edmonton, Alberta. When Lilly was a toddler her grandparents bought her trike, (the regular kind from box stores.) That summer we quickly realized that wasn’t able to use them.

Lilly is has bilateral quadriplegic cerebral palsy which means all limbs are affected but her left leg and right leg are more effect. On the bike she got the tightness between the two affected limbs would throw her off-balance and tip the bike over.

We looked into getting Lilly her own personal bike but quickly realized the price was outside our range. An adaptive bike can range from $500 dollars and up. The one she would be able to use at the time was priced at $4, 000 (Canadian Dollars.)

At that point in time I was made aware of the You Can Two program. We had missed the cut off for registration for 2014 but I made sure to get my registration in for 2015.

Yegbike Off Comes The Parental Controls 1

Boy I am glad I did!

Last summer having a bike for Lilly to ride was such a blessing. She loves ridding it. Once she got going she could get up to a great speed and I was so glad to have a parent bar to keep a hold of her.  We where also blessed to be chosen for the school pilot program which we were blessed.


I am so glad I didn’t buy a bike because in one year Lilly went through two bikes!

Last weekend at the Try A Bike Day hosted by You Can Ride Two Program. In the past year Lilly’s left leg has decreased in mobility to the point of needing surgery but ridding a bike has helped strengthen her for surgery. It is also going to be a big part of her recovery plan.#Yegbike Off Comes The Parental Pinterest

One thing through all this is that Lilly has kept her love for ridding her bike.

At Try A Bike Day the therapist and us went through a couple of bikes before finding a style that fit her. Ends up she out grew out the trike style bikes and now needs more a crank style. We also changed the handle bar from a t-shape to a round shape.

On Sunday we missed Church, and went to pick up the bike. This year the tech’s decided to try Lilly on a new pedal. After some babying, (to accommodate her left foot) it worked. Lilly had to get used to the new handle bars but once she got going you couldn’t stop her.

#Yegbike; Off Comes The Parental Controls 5fb

Then I noticed the parent bar was missing. It was very handy in controlling Lilly’s speed last summer and keeping her from crushing into ditches.

Once I consulted with one of the You Can Ride Two staff members we both decided because this bike goes slower we would try going Lilly some independence this summer. If it doesn’t work I’m to let them know.

As Lilly’s Tia said, “Chasing these kids will differentially get us in shape.” One thing is for sure when Lilly goes to school with it the Teacher or Teacher’s Aids will also get a work out!


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