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The Dare; It’s More Than Losing Weight

PCOS, Asthma, Stress are all things I deal with on a regular basis. These three combo’s can get in the way of losing weight. Lately they have, actually it has been discouraging me.  Sometimes I feel like my body is working against me. Have you been there? Are you there now?

In Taking Care Of Myself I talked about the goals I have made out for myself during this season of losing 45 pounds. I am glad to announce the little changes I have made in February had a positive affect on my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, (PCOS) symptoms. Like the commercial says a Happy Period is a good period. (I think it does) BUT…

I hit a road block. I couldn’t get a handle on the fatigue and muscle soreness.

The Dare; It's More Than Weight Loss 1

I did some reading on stress. Ends up stress can be a huge road block in losing weight. If my stress hormones are out that affects other hormones, (PCOS hormones,) and your literally banging your head against the wall of trying to lose weight. (At least I am)

It is no secret that Mom’s of children with disabilities live a high stress life.

The Hubby and I talked about my findings and together we decided that I need to make it a priority to lower my stress levels.

Bed Time

This is totally sounding like I am a child but I implemented a 8 pm bedtime. Before this I often would roll into bed at 10, 12 or even 2 am. Now no matter what is going on I shut down the house and head up to bed at 8. Two weeks in I am feeling way better.

Stress Reducing Activities

Each day I have to make it a priority to do something that reduces my stress level. It has to be something that makes me feel good afterwards. It can be something like doodling, bible study, colouring, or crocheting.

Lower My Working Out Expectations

Over working out just stress out the muscles. Notice the word stress? Yup, I often make the mistake of stressing out my muscles. Since I am trying to avoid stress all together I am just going to commit to walking half hour a day. As The Hubby said it when I call to be picked up, “You can walk it, I’m supporting your plan.”

The Dare; It;s More Than Losing Weight

Cinnamon & Lemon/Lime Water

Getting these two ingredients back into my daily life is a priority during the month of March. Cinnamon can help level out blood sugar levels naturally. (Can Cinnamon Help PCOS?) Lemon/Lime water helps me get the right amount of water through out the day which lowers my hunger level. Also Lemon water has a lot great health benefits.

The Dare

I’m really excited about taking up Rhiannon’s dare. Here is the link to the article if you would like to read it; 3 Reasons We Need To Get Up, Show Up and Dress Up. I’d love to know if your going to do the dare with me 🙂 The great thing about each of these things I am planning to do is it makes for a healthier me!


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2 thoughts on “The Dare; It’s More Than Losing Weight

  1. I am excited for you, Candice! I can relate to the bedtime routine. I feel so much better when I feel as if I have had a sufficient amount of sleep. I pray blessings over you and these new implementations. You got this!


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