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Disabilities Matters In The Church

Last week I read a post that has had me really reflecting on my relationship with the Church. A fellow blogger, Ellen Stumbo made a call out to her readers for help with a project in her post, What Do People Impacted By Disabilities Have To Say About The Church?

When I first read the post I thought of all the great things that have happened with being involved with a church. We have made some great friends but the more I thought about it I can see why the disabled community can be disconnected from the church. Some of my personal biggest lies from Satin came from my relationship with the church as a child. It took years to break these strong holds.

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One of my popular post in 2014 was When Learning Styles Affects Relationships With God.  It was popular because other people could relate to struggling with Gods’ word. The truth is learning styles affect how a person takes in a sermon, a retreat, a small group or a bible study. If you do one style of teaching all the time you miss a huge group of people.

A physical set up of a church is huge for people with mobility issues. If your church is only set up for adults with mobility issues and not children once again a group of the congregation is being missed. Sadly, this was the reason why we recently changed churches.

I believe that every Church should have a Disability Ministry just like they have Music, Children’s, Ladies and Men’s Ministries. Now I am going to leave you with a thought provoking video.


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6 thoughts on “Disabilities Matters In The Church

  1. Despite the fact that I have a disabled mother, I never really thought about access and inclusion in the church. When I was a child, my mom chose not to attend church (even though she is deeply spiritual). I wonder if it was just too much, going to one more place that was not designed for her.


  2. Thank you for this post! My grandma stopped going to church several years ago, and she mentioned that part of the reason was that she couldn’t walk the distance from the parking lot to the sanctuary due to her leg pain. She wasn’t quite to the point of needing a wheelchair but the walker didn’t give her enough support for the long walk. I wonder if there’d been more support if things would’ve been different for her. Definitely thought provoking about the ways we, as the body of Christ, need to change to make church more accessible to everyone.


  3. I have a son with Autism and my church has been so helpful and understanding of him. I bet there are lots of people because they have a disability do not go to church because they are afraid of how people will treat them. That breaks my heart. I really appreciate you linking up at Family Joy Blog Link Up Party and sharing your blog with us all.


  4. I grew up with a dad in a wheelchair. When he could still go to church, 4 men had to lift his chair up the stairs. Then, he had to sit in the very back and was unable to use the restroom because the door was too narrow. Most buildings have come a long way in becoming more accommodating. Now if we can make hearts more accommodating, too. Thanks for adding this post to’s Tuesday special needs link share.


  5. This is a powerful post, Candice and something that I think does need to be looked at in the church. It makes sense how you said that the church is missing a huge group of people by only teaching or ministering to one group. Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week 🙂


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