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Lilly’s New #Wheelchair

This week had been a whirl wind around here. We had The Banquet Of Hope to attend, Daddy’s own medical appointment, (not serious,) an Allergist appointment and we went to pick up Lilly’s new wheelchair!

Pick up day had finally arrived 🙂

Three years ago I wrote a post Saying Yes To A Wheelchair. It was a huge piece at the time for me because it really got my thoughts and feelings on paper about how I felt about Lilly getting a wheelchair. When looking back at that post I can’t feel like Lilly came a long way with her wheelchair.

The goal behind getting Lilly the Zippie Kid model (which is now obsolete) was for her to learn to propel the wheels independently.

Lilly's 1st WheelchairFb

        Which she did learn to do!

What we didn’t expect was how much the wheelchair became a part of our life. With A-man it held so many memories. It was the item that motivated him to crawl, he would pull himself up on the wheels. Next it was learning to climb up on it, and finally he learned to propel the wheels himself.

For Lilly it became a milestone achiever. When I was advocating for the first wheelchair I had no idea if she could be able to actually propel it on her own.  There was a 50/50 chance that she would learn to use it. Lilly did learn to use her wheelchair and became quite good at it!

Then she did the unexpected thing; she grew! At the time we got the Zippie Lilly was growing very slowly, which is when she did something that surprised us. In a three year span she caught up to her age group in length and we started the process of finding her a new wheelchair.

Lilly Helping Fb

Lilly loves the new chair! She has to get used to the wheels being in the back instead of the front and the same with the brakes. It was neat for us to go to a food court and have Lilly be able to sit at table hight.


Now I leave you with a Vblog on the topic. Since this was such a close matter to the heart for me I wanted to leave off with a personal message from me.


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4 thoughts on “Lilly’s New #Wheelchair

  1. What a blessing that she not only learned to use the wheelchair, but grew to be in the same size as children her age. What an inspiration she is and what a terrific Mom you are. So glad to have you join #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week 🙂


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