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The Underwear Adventure

8 simple words came out of my mouth that I never thought would cause me such panic. The sound of the toilet flushing made me think, “He wouldn’t..” I rushed to the bathroom just in time to see a pair of underwear make it’s round in the toilet bowel.

Two thoughts went through my mind; the plumbers bill will be huge if I don’t save that pair of underwear.  The second thought was how true that book I’ll love you forever by Robert Munch is.

Thankfully I saved that pair of underwear from going down the toilet and saved us some money on a plumbers bill.

Last week A-man had a flare up of Eczema on his private area. I had forgotten the golden rule with him, the expensive pull ups don’t trigger the Eczema. (Yes, he is that child. Reacts to different brand diapers and pull ups.) I pulled out the training underwear, (I couldn’t buy the diapers he isn’t sensitive at that very moment) and decided to try potty training.

A-man is Mr. Independent. I have been encouraging him to change his own wet underwear hoping it would encourage him to want to wear underwear.

Potty AdventuresFb

Go to the bathroom and get new underwear.

Trust me, I will be more careful how I instruct him in the future. (I will also be following him to the bathroom.) It still catches me off guard how quick he is.

With Lilly learning things can take months and even years, (like potting) that I often forget how a toddler mind thinks.

Once upone a time, (back when I worked with 12 toddlers) I would have known better not to utter those words and done things a bit differently. That first day of having 6 toddlers in the bathroom with you quickly wises you up fast.

It seems I have forgotten some of the old tricks. It’s differentially time to brush off them off. What about you? Do you have some experiences with potty adventures?


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3 thoughts on “The Underwear Adventure

  1. lol! We are just beginning our potty training and it is definitely harder than I thought it would be >.< Lilly has grasped the concept that she needs to sit on the potty to poop and pee but that doesn't mean she always wants to do that! Every trip to the bathroom is a battle! I'm honestly thinking of trying the 3 day method I keep hearing so much about..


  2. I hope the potty training goes well. Thanks for adding this post to’s Tuesday special needs link share.


  3. I am the world’s worst potty trainer. I have the mindset that they will learn when they are ready, and never pushed it on my sons. They both were potty trained right before their third birthdays. I remember them being sensitive to some of the different kinds of diapers too. Thanks for sharing your story with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week 🙂


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