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The Early Years: Sensory

The courses I took for my Early Childhood Development Diploma, I learned a lot about sensory play.  As an ECD worker I planned many sensory activities for children of varies ages. It was something I quite enjoyed.

I had no clue how much my life would become centred around sensory.

When we left the hospital my gut reaction was, “Lilly is high risk for sensory issues.”  To this day I have no idea where this thought came from but it became the basis of our life.

Lilly at birth went through a lot of different trauma. She had many needles, respiratory tubes, seizures and pain. During one part of that time period she couldn’t even handle being touched.


The first year of Lilly’s life she couldn’t handle light. Blinking lights, flash from cameras, and sunlight are just some of the examples of how light bothered her.  Lilly had to wear bonnets and sunglass to go outside. Over time her tolerance to light has improved but we are still cautious around some things.

Sensory FB

The Colour Black

Black shirts, black dog, black socks, black toys, and black skin are just some of the example of things that would send Lilly into hysterical crying. Halloween display’s were the worse, so bad that I used to avoid a lot of business during the month of October. At a young age we introduced toys with black on them. I spent a few months looking for the perfect African Doll, (the eye’s had to be realistic) to help Lilly get comfortable with darker skin colours.  Over time and a lot of work Lilly has gotten comfortable with the colour black.


In Lilly’s first days she was overwhelmed with so many weird textures, not just on her skin but in her throat. I was worried this would develop a texture sensitivity. My first job in my field  was taking care of babies 0 to 18 months which the knowledge I gained from that job came very handy in this area. It was the norm to be pudding painting, non toxic painting, sand play, water play and even mud play with the babies in my care.

The Hubby thought I was crazy to be doing sensory activities with Lilly but I did.  My train of thought was it takes a child a long time to decide rather it likes a texture, with Lilly it might take longer. I just kept introducing the texture over and over again.

To this day she loves messy play!

Today I did a quick over view of sensory play. During the month of March I am focusing Monday’s solely to Play Based Therapy.



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One thought on “The Early Years: Sensory

  1. How interesting to read about the sensory activities you did with Lilly and the impact they’ve had on her. Very impressive. Thanks for adding this to’s Tuesday special needs link up.


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