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A Bit Of Writers Block

Wednesdays are traditionally Christian Living here on the blog but I have hit a bit of a writer’s block when it comes to Christian Living post. I think it’s because right now personally I am in a season of stretching and growing in my relationship with God.

When I am going through things I don’t write about them. I  often wait months, and even years after that season to write about them.

I like to reflect back with my thoughts in place. The wisdom you learn from that season gives you a different perspective.

Right now I don’t have direction in my Christian Living post and have been feeling lost. Last week I stumbled on a cute blog, The Special Reds. As I read a few of her post I realized something; I am trying to hard in my writing.

Some where I along the line as a writer I have put an expectation on myself that every post needs to be a polished post with tips. I have done less and less post on just writing my thoughts out.

My new goal for this month is to stop over thinking my post.

On another note I am really excited to be over at Different Dream today. Personally I have been following Jolene Philo for the past year and was quite humbled at the chance to guest post.


This post is linked up at A Little R & R,  Dream Team


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