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I’m Not One Style Of Mom

I’m sure you have seen post on social media with titles along the line; Dear Helicopter Mom, Your Ruining It For Everyone Else, Dear Anti-Vax Parents: We Are Not Mad At You.   I know I have, once upon a time I would have read those post too.

That was before my ugh huh moment.

I stopped labeling how I parent and focused on loving my children instead.  Helicopter Moms, Overprotective Moms, Natural Moms, and Attachment Parenting are just labels.

Parenting styles TW

I choose to baby wear because it made my life easier and after my experience with Lilly I know how important skin to skin care is not because I am an attachment parenting mom.

Staying close to Lilly on the playground is a mobility and safety issue, not because I am a helicopter mom.

We vaccinate our children not out fear or because we “believe the government lies,” (as some people would say,) but because we made an educated decision as parents. The Hubby and I are the only ones who have seen our daughter’s MRI, learned how dangerous whooping-cough, polio, chicken pox and meningitis could be to Lilly and made a decision based on the information gathered.

In our day-to-day life we are mindful of toxic stress and busyness with our children because I believe that there is such thing as The Hurried Child. That play is being pushed aside for academic things.

Our house hold is loosely set up Montessori based not because I have a hard-core conviction that this is the best way to learn but because this suites A-man’s learning style. In a few years if his learning style changes so will our house hold.

All these things are part of how I parent but do not define who I am as a parent. Yesterday I was blessed to have a coffee date with some girlfriends as our children play. Each of us have different values in our parenting. They are unique to our walk and experiences in life. We didn’t tear each other down instead we respected one another.

Personally I am not a fan of labels. In the last six years of Lilly’s life I have heard more labels than I care for. One thing that I won’t allow is to have my parenting style labeled. It will stay unique to who I am as a person.

How about you? Is your parenting style also unique to who you are as a parent?  Do you label it?


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One thought on “I’m Not One Style Of Mom

  1. That’s a great thought! I think that’s exactly what we do after a while. Self-label. It’s as helpful as labeling others, isn’t it? Better to give ourselves freedom to grow and learn. Thanks for your insight!


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