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Planning Dinner My Way

It’s five pm and you have two little one’s under foot wanting to be fed right this instant. Not in one hour, not in 10 minutes but right this moment. That’s when you realize you forgot to take something out to make dinner with.

This has happened to me a few times in my day.

In my life before children meal planning was something I never did. I made what ever I felt like. Some of my meals would take two hours to make. Those meals are something that my husband now dreams about.

With Lilly going to school, managing respite workers, A-man having his activities, and don’t forget Lilly’s swimming I have had to come up with a better meal planning system. Today I share my 5 Tips on how I get supper on the table.

  1. Fright Nights                          I label the nights that I have no time to cook as “fright nights”. I first heard this term on a TV cooking show. The host referred to Fright Nights as the night your either the busiest or has the most challenges to get supper on the table.  For us it’s Tuesday and Thursday nights because Lilly goes to school on those days. On those nights we often have breakfast meals, (scrambled eggs & toast is a favourite) or grilled cheese.
  2. Same Meals                            When I plan my meals I use the same meals 5 days a week for a month. Mondays is red sauce pasta night (usually beef), Tuesday is scramble eggs, Wednesday is white sauce pasta night (usually chicken), Thursday is grilled cheese night, Friday is pulled pork night.  Sunday’s is roast of some sort night. This keeps grocery shopping simple and easy.
  3. Plan Ahead                                We have two pasta nights the night before school night for  a reason; it makes school lunches easier. Lilly has a limited choice for lunches. It’s usually a pasta dish or peanut butter & jam sandwich due to her not eating processed meat. By planning ahead it allows me to have school lunches for Lilly.
  4. Crock Pot Recipes                 Out of my same meal recipes 3 of them I can throw into a crock pot if I need to. This allows me to prep dinner first thing in the morning before the children get up. 🙂 A very handy trick on those busy. 🙂
  5. Multi Use Ingredients    My grocery list is basically the same but simple ingredients that I can turn into a different dishes if I want to.  I keep on hand chicken stock, tortilla chips, and can of beans just incase I want to make Chilli, taco, or homemade soup.

Simple, Easy TW

Sometimes knowing when your fright nights, and other meal needs can make meal planning a little bit easier!


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3 thoughts on “Planning Dinner My Way

  1. Great ideas, Candice. I learned to plan meals ahead too when my kids were young. It takes so much less energy than worrying all day about what to have for supper. Thanks for adding this post to’s Tuesday special needs link up.


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