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One Step At A Time

Last week we had a huge appointment for Lilly with a Scoliosis Specialist. Lilly’s Physical Medicine specialist and the surgeon who is doing the Hip & Leg surgery had concerns that she may be developing scoliosis.

Since Lilly’s toddler years her back muscles have been developing in a curve from under developed muscles and the fact that she is bilateral in her affected areas. Her muscle tone throws things off.

Scoliosis Twitter

Last week we got conformation that Lilly has scoliosis of the spine due to her Cerebral Palsy.

I refrained from only googling it once which basically confirmed what the doctor told me; that treatment options are limited. Basically there are three options Bracing, Botox and Surgery.

Botox is a high risk for Lilly, I’d be surprised if we went that route.

Which leaves bracing and surgery………….

For now we are going to climb one cliff wall at a time which at this moment is the upcoming Hip & Leg surgery. Once we make it to the valley of recovery from that procedure The Hubby and I will talk about Scoliosis Treatment,  it just one step at a time.


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