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Guest Blogging On Self Care

Hi, today I am really excited to be over at Courtland’s Hope Foundation blogging about 3 Self Care Tips You Should Be Doing. Here is a teaser and I hope you join me over there!

One of the things that can easily be set aside when your busy working, taking care of kids, taking care of your spouse, and being a caregiver to a child with a disability is Yourself. It’s easy to put off that doctor’s visit for another month, or your commitment to eating healthy always starts tomorrow. I understand it all too well because I am that caregiver. I take care of everyone elses needs but my own.
When my daughter was a baby, it was so easy not to take care of myself. She was in that stage where I took care of her every little need; but when my friends children where starting to get more independent and doing more for themselves, she wasn’t. That natural transition into stages did not happen and I was still putting my self care needs to the side.
The rest of the story is at

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