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A Parental Win

Parental win’s can be very few and far in between for me. At least as Lilly’s mom. Yesterday something phonemail happend I got a parental win.

It felt amazing!

Last August a few people brought up some concerns they had about A-man. The concerns where about his speech development, social anxiety and cognitive development. Until I could get things initiated I was given some advice and last fall I made some changes to our life style;

Started attending play groups on a weekly basis

Started having play dates on a weekly basis

Venturing out into public play spaces

Implementing Triple P Parenting strategies

Changed my house set up which I talked about in my post Why Montessori and Us?

These changes have started paying off. A-man’s vocabulary has gone from 2 words to 40-50 words. 🙂 He no longer cries the whole time we are at play groups and get this actually plays! The best thing is he is starting to make friends and give them hugs. 🙂

Part of the suggestions was to see a speech pathologist, occupational therapist, and a psyocaratrist who specializes in children from 0-5 years old.

Yesterday we went to see the psyocaratrist. I walked into the meeting expecting to walk out with a diagnoses for A-man of some sort. The opposite actually happened!

We walked out of the meeting with “Your doing a great job, A-man is a well rounded child of a sibling with a disabilities. He is developing on target and I have no concerns. He has a bit of social anxiety with strangers which isn’t surprising considering strangers do scary looking things to Lilly.”

Parenting Win A-man

A major parenting win for us 🙂

The best thing is for the next year no curriculums, early education is optional because I am doing everything at home that he would get at  “school” but he would miss his mommy time.

It felt great to be told that I am doing everything right and we are doing a good job.

Yesterday I got this amazing blessing and I am going to celebrate!!




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