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Taking Care Of Myself

I have a confession, I am really bad at taking care of myself.  It seems I have good intention but the follow through isn’t there. If you read my post No Weight Loss Resolution For Me This Year you know my thought’s on New Years Resolution.

The past few days I have been basically laying on the couch when I am not taking care of my children, why?

Between taking care of sick children and my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, (PCOS) symptoms flared up majorly leaving me drained. When my PCOS flares up I get:


muscle tension headaches 

muscle cramps

Which makes it very hard to work at a computer. Plus the time I set aside to write I have been using to sleep which means I am not as productive as I usually am.

Since being diagnosed in 2010 with PCOS it has been a journey to figure out how to control it. After having Lilly I had 40 pounds to lose and I did it. It took a lot of work and commitment but I did it.

twitter 3

Than I got pregnant with A-man in which I went and gained 65 pounds. I wasn’t diabetic but my OBGYN concluded it was because of hormones.  A-man is two years old and I have lost twenty pounds and a bunch of inches.

That leaves me a total of 45 pounds to lose.

As Dawn Taylor at The Taylor Way would say, “I need to do some kicking ass” In her post Don’t Set Yourself Up For Failure she mentions something huge.

Don’t set yourself up for failure!

That is a huge one for me. I can easily whip out a note-book and make all these huge impressive goals but life happens and I end up not following through which leaves me feeling like a failure.

This time I am keeping my goal simple: to have a much easier period next month. To accomplish that I need to:

cut back on sugars, processed foods, carbs and starches. (basically all the good stuff!)

start exercising, (but also not over exercising at the same time.)

to fit into my favourite size twelve Banana Republic dress pants in 90 days. (Basically lose 10 pounds but I don’t go by scales anymore)

Take care of my muscles. 🙂

It’s going to be hard, I know that already because I have done this before. The last time I did this it took me two years to get down to my goal but I did it.

Making myself a piority

The main thing is not to have too high of expectations. That is the hardest thing because you just have to log onto the internet, turn on the radio or the TV to see messages about losing weight fast.

I have a game plan and I am going to keep my eye on it because a better period is worth it.


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