Christian Living

2016 Big Announcement

As the blog quiten’s downs for my new annual Christmas break. (If you’re a blogger take note.. you need to schedule breaks for yourself) I am reflecting on how much I have learned in this past year, not just as a person but as a writer.

It makes me really excited to start 2016 to see what happens next!

In 2016 there will be some new things happening around here and I can not wait to start them.


Videoblogs                 The first time I heard the word Videoblogs I had to look up what it means but I am really looking forward to this new addition to  My goal is to do one Videoblog a month! They will cover a whole bunch of topics and make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Series                             In 2016 I will be writing a few series on play, and the early years & therapy. Most of these series will be posted under Atypical Living. My hope is to inspire other parents by sharing our experience.

You don't say FB

E-book                          It’s time for me to write my first e-book. I have marked some day’s in the next few months to work on this and hopefully it will be out by March. (Depending on surgery dates.)

Kids Hope Campaign            One of my biggest beliefs is to give back to the organizations that help you out. This year I am supporting a fairly young Canadian charity called Courtland’s Hope Foundation with their Kids Hope Campaign that kicks off in January. In 2015  the foundation was able to help 7 children with disabilities and there families out with cost shares with equipment. In 2016 the goal is to help 25 kids. I’m excited to help with something that I know all to well about. (Yes, I deal with cost shares and the headaches that come with it.)

Thank-you for making my 2015 extra special by following me and I hope you enjoy the next few weeks with your family! Join me back here on January 4, 2016 for my first post of the year!



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