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Does My Child Have PTSD?

A while ago another special needs mom wrote a status that her son was diagnosed with PTSD. My first thought was, “don’t soldiers only get PTSD?”  Before that post it never crossed my mind that a child could have PTSD. A fellow blogger that I follow, (and link up at) Jolene Philo  released a book last month called Does My Child Have PTSD? 

My gut said, “Candice you need to read this book.”  So I contacted Jolene about reviewing the book for the blog and her publisher was kind enough to send me a copy. (This is not a paid review and all opinions are mine alone.)

The first chapter blew my mind. Her son Allen experienced the same condition that The Hubby’s older sister passed away from in the late 1970s and that his niece had successful corrective surgery for in the 2000s.

I still remember that middle of the night conversation with the NICU doctor insisting that this was the condition causing the issues with Lilly, and the doctor telling me that the symptoms just do not match up.

I found that the book had a good balance between actual facts, (with references) and personal stories. The facts set the foundation of the learning for me and the personal stories gave the facts a real world perspective

PTSD Doesn't Just Happen With Soldiers But Also In Children

When Jolene went through  the myths surrounding PTSD and children I really sat up and listened. One of the things I quickly realized is that I am at fault for beleiveing those myths about PTSD in children. As I broke down those myths I started to look at my children with new eyes.

One of the things I really liked about this book is how explained PTSD in children. Not only did she talk about the brain development but also the trauma that can cause PTSD. The history of PTSD made a lot of sense to me also. I remember stories of my Nana talking about guys coming back form the war shall shocked.

Two areas that really stood out to me was medical and abuse trauma. Why? Because Lilly has experienced a lot of medical intervention and A-man has witnessed some of it. Also in our house hold Lilly uses hitting, bitting and scratching sometimes to get her frustration out.

Where there is trauma, th

I need to make a point to talk about this to A-man. Have an open dialogue about the drama that happens in our house. The quote above really hit home about my parenting. Even as I type this we experienced a lot of drama in our house today thanks to chronic pain.

The thing I really appreciated the most about this book is the resource it has become for me. I took notes, called Lilly’s professionals to get there opinion on rather she has PTSD and I have already innitatied the Child Life program connected to her surgery so we can come up with a plan for Lilly and A-man.

A medical intervention doesn’t just happen to the child but to the whole family unit. It is important to prepare the siblings just as much as the child. This book made me realize that.

Please join me in the advocacy campaign of bringing light to childhood PTSD by using the hashtag #ChildhoodPTSD when you tweet about your experience.



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