Christian Living

A Christmas Surprise

Around Christmas time there are a bunch of fun activities around town. Often we have to pass them up because the kids are sick or it’s too much for Lilly’s brain or it’s too cold. This year when the Holiday Train rolled through town The Hubby and I had our usually debate, do we go or stay home?

This year we went!

Both of us where weary. In the past we have tried taking Lilly to free concerts  and it has been disastrous. Lilly’s brain just couldn’t handle the crowds, the music and the noise level.

Every year when The Holiday Train rolls into town we watch other people experience it through post. It always looks like fun. This year we decided to go for the last twenty minutes. We parked close enough that if Lilly had issues one of us can go back.


Our kids surprised us. Lilly and A-man’s eyes light up when they saw the decorated train and the sound of performers got them so excited. At one point Lilly got cold, she let daddy know and he took her back to the van.

After the show was done we went back to the van and waited to watch the train pull out-of-town.  As the train pulled out-of-town my kids where so happy and A-man kept saying, “more, more.”

Next year we are planning to go for the whole time but try to park closer to the train just incase Lilly gets cold.



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