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My Tips For Christmas Presents

Do you remember the movie Home Alone 2, the part at the end when a toy store delivers tones of Christmas presents? As a child I alway thought that would be awesome to have one Christmas. When Lilly was first-born I went crazy buying all these toys I thought she needed.

Ends up it was an epic fail. The majority of the toys she couldn’t use and I ended up donating to thrift shops.

Buying toys can be hard for a child with disabilities no doubt. (Trust me I get it.) I mean walking into a major box store can be down right depressing especially since about seventy-five percent of the toys your child can not use.

What do you buy? How can you make there Christmas extra special? Well today I will share with you my tips on how I get through buying presents for Lilly. (I actually use the same rules with A-man too)

Something They Need

They get four present, three from us and one present from Santa. The present from Santa is not the major present. It’s usually a small present. Why? Because we believe that not everyone can afford presents and the present from Santa should not out shine the parents gifts.

Honestly it’s usually the something they read present. I believe every child should be read to no matter the level of their cognitive understanding. For the past 6 years I have bought Lilly, (and now A-man) board books. Sometimes it’s sound books, touch and feely books or song books.

Tip One: Get good quality books. (In our case board books)

Why Only 4 present’s? This is key for us because by limiting the number of presents we are able to buy higher quality presents. With Lilly’s delays we are still using these items some times 2, 3,4 or even 5 years later.

Tips Two:  By buying fewer toys you can invest in higher quality toys that will last longer.

We also do stockings. I usually keep stockings as the stocking up art supplies slash treat presents. Lilly did not always like art activities, actually it’s just in the last year that she started to like colouring but I still always have bought her crayons, markers, and play dough to stick in her stocking.

This year our stockings will have a tree ornament, chips, markers, crayons, play dough, stockings/socks, and glow sticks.

Tips Three:  Keep Stockings simple

Christmas shopping can be very tough. I have found since we implemented the four present rule, keep stockings simple, and higher quality toy rule it has become easier. I often find the limit of one toy difficult now because I keep finding as Lilly develops my options are getting wider.

Good quality books

Next week I am going to share how I choose the present’s I have bought for Lilly in the last few years in a post called, “Please don’t buy my special needs child baby toys for Christmas.”



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