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Have A Happy Friday

It’s the end of the week!! I am so excited to be ending the week off on such a high note.  Thank-you to everyone who shared, and read Why I Unliked The Mighty. Thanks to you this post did really well on Facebook.

Today’s post is short and sweet. Lilly has been dealing with a higher level of Chronic pain than usual which has left me a bit zapped.

As I said earlier I owe all my success this week to my followers.

Thank-you For Sharing

My Facebook page has 10 new likes, Twitter has a lot of activity and well one of my post had over 60 views 🙂 A good week for this blogger. Thank-you so much again!

This week personally was a tough week. We had a week with routine hiccups which is hard on Lilly. Than at the end of the week we went to the paediatrician.

A-man did so much better at the pediatrician than last time. He didn’t squeal once and was calm most of the time. A huge change from 2 months ago!!  His doctor has sent some referrals out just to make “sure” that he is okay. (hearing test, follow-up with an emotion specialist)

At first she was concerned about his weight and height until she found out his genetics are petite. Now all is good 😉

Lilly on the other hand was a shocker for her pediatrician to see because it was the first time she has seen the major change in the left leg. (The specialist is handling the leg issue) We also got a referral to a new paediatrician eye doctor for her eyes to be tested. 🙂

As you read earlier Lilly is experiencing some chronic pain issues so I am planning for a nice quite Friday. Today we will just chill on the couch and do our chronic pain routine.

I hope you have a Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!




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