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Why I Unliked The Mighty

I started blogging in 2011 by accident with my first blog Lilly Through The Valley. A medical professional suggested it after seeing my play based therapy activities that I made for Lilly and told me “More Mom’s need these ideas.”

Back than social media wasn’t what it is like today. It was actually hard to find a special needs blog and when I did I found they fall into two categories; parents documenting their children’s journey or bloggers who blogged on different topics but where raising children with special needs.

Fast forward to today and there are tones of post out there of parents raising children with special needs, or siblings of special needs, or people of special needs sharing their story.

It’s great because it makes you feel like your not the only one walking through life with these experiences.

But there’s a down side and until a few weeks ago I hadn’t noticed it but than I started noticing it more and more. Not all post are positive. Up until then I read and shared post from The Mighty on a regular basis. What happened is I read a post about a young man who put his wife first before his sister with down syndrome.

When I clicked on it I thought it would be this great up lifting post on how to balance the two instead what I found left me wanting to cry and throw up.

The thing is the last three post I read at The Mighty have left me feeling gross. I stopped reading anything with related to the site.

I didn’t realize why it disturbed me so much until I read a post “Why I Have Had It With The Mighty” by Meriah at A Little Moxie. Her points hit close to home. Like her I also straddle two worlds; I have a disability myself and I am also raising a child with a disability.

Like her I didn’t overcome my disability but I see it as part of my characteristics. It what makes me who I am today. The thing is it also gives me a neat perspective in raising Lilly in the sense I see her brain injury as part of who she is.

For us Lilly is the smiley child who loves to dance, sing and colour. Just like A-man is the monkey child who climbs everything, loves to dance and help people.

After I read Meriah’s post I unliked The Mighty and new exactly why I didn’t like the post I had been reading recently. It’s because they aren’t inspiring.

You see I have been moulded as a blogger by the blogs that inspired me. As I honed my craft I read post from Women Living Well, Time Warp Wife, A Little R & R and Club 31 Women. (Check them out!!) If you read each one of them you will see how they inspire women.

Why I Unliked The Mighty 2

Even when I write about the down and gritty part of disabilities I throw in tips on how I have over came these issues. To inspire readers!

People will often use the point “Who’s going to tell the stories for people who are non verbal?” if the parents’ don’t write about it. My response is Lilly is non verbal and yes there are many down falls with things surrendering her disability BUT it’s not my job to say.

One day Lilly will be able to speak (either here on earth or heaven) and then she will tell her story.  Until then I can only tell my story, not hers. She experiences life differently then me. We can both can be going through the exact same experience together but have different perspectives which means her story is different than mine!

When ever I write a post concerning Lilly or A-man I always ask myself, “is this a post they will like when they are 20?” “When they are 25 will they be proud of my writing?”

Just something to think about!


This post is linked up at Dream Team, Titus Tuesday and A Little R & R


3 thoughts on “Why I Unliked The Mighty

  1. Thank you so much for the mention. That’s sweet! You have a good point about being positive. Even when I write about couples fighting, I like to post a photo of them embracing. I do this because I’m sharing the good news of the gospel. So much to hope for. So much to rejoice in.


  2. I so agree with the need to write positive posts. Somehow, we also have to write realistically about raising kids with special needs in a way they won’t mind when they are adults. You stated that so well. Thanks for adding this post to’s Tuesday link up.

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