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When Christmas Isn’t Joyful

December is quickly coming and for some people Christmas isn’t joyful instead it can be a very tough season. The extra stress of the holidays onto of some people’s already too stressful life can make it feel like a burden, at least in my past experience.

For our family Christmas is in the midst of cold and flu season which has resulted in us spending most Christmas’s nursing sick children.

Over the years I have learned that being Joyful at Christmas isn’t about the Christmas Concerts, or the big fancy dinners. In my mind I alway thought Christmas should be like how it is in the movies. The nice dinner on the table with everyone dressed up.

But raising a child who is medically fragile has changed that prospective.

Instead of dreaming about a “Hollywood” Christmas I now dream of a simpler Christmas.  One with happy children snuggling on the couch. That our good food is simple to make and taste wonderful. If we make it to the family Christmas that would be awesome but if we stay home that is okay also.

Finding Joy in Christmas can be changing your perspective. Over the years  we have changed a few things our life to make things more Joyful.

Jesus Birthday Cake               A few years ago another blogger introduced me to this. Have your children help you make a Christmas cake for Jesus.  As your making it talk about how Jesus came into the world. This helps centre the holiday around Jesus.

Joyful Christmas

Crockpot Dinner                      After eating dinner rolls and chips one Christmas day at our local Children’s hospital I promised myself that no matter what we would have a backup dinner plan. At Christmas time I will have a “fancy” crockpot dinner, (Ribs, a Roast, Stuffing TurkeyBreast Casserole )  on hand just in case the children are sick.

Simplify Christmas                 This one took some learning to do but I am getting the hang of it. Our Christmas decorations go up when the children are healthy anytime after Halloween, (This year mid November.) I no longer worry about things like Christmas cards, family pictures and I limit the number of presents

What are some of the things you do to bring Joy into your Christmas?


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One thought on “When Christmas Isn’t Joyful

  1. I had never thought of having a fancy crockpot meal as a back up for Christmas. It makes such good sense. Thanks for adding this to’s Tuesday link share.

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