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Running In Heels: Book Review

In my post Being Still In Christ I stated that I am taking a break from bible studies. The Interesting thing about God is when he closes one door he opens another, in this case it was a ladies testimony.

I was offered the book Running In Heels by Mary A Perez for a book review for the blog. It is a memoir of one strong lady’s life and also the kind of book I would not normally buy for myself. (I don’t make it to book stores too often these days.)

But I am so glad that God brought it into my life!

The story begins in the early years of Mary’s life and I weeped  so hard at what she went through as a child.  It also made me realize that I am a bit hard on myself as a mom.

As the story moved into Mary’s life as a young mom, a young wife to an alcoholic husband I was in awe with how God worked in her life. That Christian neighbour lady who invited her in for tea is just one of the examples.

Running In Heels

At one point in the book Mary became a special needs mom to a little girl. I found she went through similar things about trying to find diagnoses, trying to manage her daughter’s behaviour and just being a mom. At moments I could relate!

As I read the book I felt like I was sitting on the couch talking to Mary. The book had a natural flow to it and I was done reading way to early in my opinion. I just wanted to know more about Mary.

Than at the end of the book Mary and her second husband did something that just left me in awe. They extended God’s grace in the way I do not even know if I could because “it was the christian thing to do.” Other people probably wouldn’t have extended God’s grace like they did.

I loved Running In Heels because it was book that showed God’s grace, his promises, and it gave me such inspiration. If anything I walked away from this book uplifted and that is the best kind of book!



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