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We Are Inside Out About Feelings

I will admit we have watched Inside Out quite a few times now and it is one movie I do not seem to tire with. The main reason why is because Lilly is starting to grasp feelings!

Today on the blog I share 4 Activities that I put together for Lilly to explore feelings and also some new rules for myself to help both children out. I found making these simple changes to my day has helped a lot with how our days go.

Colouring Sheets              I printed out a bunch of Inside Out Colouring Pages for Lilly and A-man to colour.  A-man is not to interested in them but Lilly can spend hours colouring her favourite character Sadness.

Inside Out About Feelings

Inside Out Posters          My first I thought was I’d just buy a poster but then I went on Pinterest and found these great Inside Out Emotion Cards by Cristi Comes at Motherhood Unadorned .  The best part is they are in a free PDF for personal use. I chose two feelings, (Joy, and Sadness) to tape onto the side of the toy container. I often catch Lilly looking at them.

Inside Out Mood Board          This one is still in the making because well The Hubby is literally making it for me. I came across this great idea, (and printable) at Eighteen25 by Vanessa Brady. Using a chalk board you write I am feeling and then the child puts up the characters face to let you know. I can not wait for the finished product to try it out!!!

Inside Out Mood Magnets      I made copies of the Inside Out Mood Board Printable and glued the faces onto strong card stock. After cutting them out I glued magnet’s onto the back and now Lilly loves playing with them on the fridge which leads to conversations on feelings.

As I said earlier Lilly loves the character Sadness and today I am sharing a small clip of Sadness comforting Bingbong so you can see why!

My moods, my behaviour and just how I act can affect my children’s mental health. Today I am sharing three little things I have changed in my life that has had a huge impact on my children. The best part is it is so simple you can to!

Hide The Cellphone                      I no longer leave my cellphone in sight of my children. It is locked up in a kitchen cupboard where they can’t see it.  If it is in there eye sight it causes head aches in this household.

No Screen Time Until 5:30      The TV is off when they come down stairs in the morning and it stays that way until 5:30. The only exception is they can watch Veggie Tales movie for half an hour. (Lilly sometimes needs to just lay still for Physical Therapy reasons) Honestly I thought this would be a tough one to do but it wasn’t.

Music           I start the day with calm music playing in the background. It sets the mood for the day. As the day goes on I put on kids music, christian worship music and right now christmas songs. Both Lilly and A-man love dancing and singing along to songs.

I hope you have found this three part series on Emotions helpful!


Also in this series is:

Dealing With Stressed Out

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional if you are experiencing stress issues with your child please you contact your doctor. These strategies I use were provided by my experience as an Early Childhood Professional, and Lilly’s Professional Team. Both my children’s mental health are monitored by professionals. A child’s mental health is important and should be taken seriously like another condition.

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