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Being Still In Christ

The last two months I have been busy but looking back life is just plain busy no way you look at it. It is jam-packed with expectations, activities, and well things. Last week I took a break from the blog to get things ready for our church’s ladies retreat. It was a weekend of fun and truths.

I walked away from the weekend with the realization that I have some where stopped being still in Christ.

When Lilly was born I would spend hours praying and reading my bible daily. Yes, you read for hours and daily! Over the years it has dwindle down to when ever I can fit it into my schedule.

Our world is full of distractions. If you turn on your phones the notifications go off like crazy. Even going for a simple drive can be noisy once you turn on the radio. In a life full of noise pollution it is often hard to hear God speaking to you.

At the retreat we watched the video series True Beauty by Lisa Chan. All three video’s talked to me. I remember sitting there listening to her talking about just being still in God and thinking I need to make changes in my life.

I need to Deny myself things of the world

Saturday night after the retreat The Hubby and I had a really long talk. We had music playing in the back ground and just talked bout things. I mentioned that I wanted to be still in Christ more and he really supported that idea. Being the fixer he is he quickly pointed out ways I could change my habits to make this a reality.

First thing in the morning before all else I set aside 30 minutes for bible time.

Once the children are asleep and the house is tidy and before I boot up the computer or turn on the telly I spend 30 minutes with God.

And no bible studies. Bible studies are great way to grow in your relationship with God but right now I need to listen to God and not get distracted by reading plans.

I have done this for three days. It is hard because I am denying myself worldly things to make this happen. Another change I have made in my routine is at least twice a day I speak scripture out loud.

Being Still Christ Verse

On a little chalk board I write down a verse and as I pass it I say the scripture. (I will be posting the scripture on my twitter account every day at 10 am Alberta time.) I am finding this a great way to keep negative thoughts at bay 🙂

How about you? Are you also in a season of being still in Christ or speaking is sculpture out loud?



5 thoughts on “Being Still In Christ

  1. I love this! And great plan!!! I was REALLY convicted this summer to read the actual Bible instead of just listening to online sermons and reading all these books supposedly about the bible. Oh my gosh, how God has revealed Himself through His word!!! Great post! Keep us posted on your progress.

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  2. There is truly no substitute for the eternal beauty of God’s Word. Nothing is like it. It is meant to be personal and intimate for us and must be if we are to genuinely share it as was always intended as lights in the world. Thanks, so much, for taking the time to share your thoughts about denying yourself, something we all must look to daily as we abide in Christ. I invite you to visit my God inspired poetry site as you are able. Thanks!


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