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Thank you for joining me for week three of my series based on my experience with The Fired Up & Focussed Challenge by Rachel Cook.  As I said earlier in this series in the post Getting Fired Up & Focused I was about to give up blogging before this challenge.

For three months before the challenge I was barely getting 5 views a day, my Facebook page hadn’t had any new likes during that time period and my twitter account was in similar state.

In my personal life things were not going the greatest. I had a lot of set back with Lilly’s physical therapy and it is extremely difficult watching your child lose mobility.

The changes started small.

The Hubby encouraged me to get my social media accounts up and running again. A friend of mine also kept me focused and gave me pointers on how to improve my designs.

Well today I am sharing the 5 things that I have implemented since September 1st.

5 Things I have changed

Simplicity                             I’ve kept things simple. Everything from the new Facebook header to the Twitter header to how my blog is laid out. The simpler I have made things, the easier it got motivated to log on.

Marketing Campaign      Before the challenge I never really thought about marketing my post. I kind of just winged it but I know have a blog post check list that I go through when I publish  new post. I make sure I have a two graphics that come in the sizes for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  On all three I set up strategic post to alert readers of new content.

Plan Out My Post               Yes, I know you might have read post on how you should write in real-time. (At least I did when I first started out blogging.) With my life I just can’t do it. I have weeks that it is supper slow and then the next thing I know I can’t catch my breath.  Since I started planning out my post I have seen an improvement in my writing and I now have series. (Yeah!!)

Flipping My Focus                 One thing I have learned from the challenge is to get more strategic in my interactions on social media. At one time my writing would take up 80 percent of my time and very little time on interactions. I try to only spend 30 percent of my time on writing and the rest in running the blog. That means spending time developing my e-book, education, marketing and planning the future of the blog. I am pleased to say this blog has a 90 day plan, a year plan and a two-year plan.

October Twitter Stats

Twitter/Facebook                 In the month of October I focused on improving both of these accounts. I am pleased to announce that both of them had an increase of interactions and followers. I implemented these simple rules less advertisements and more personality. I usually only share 1 or 2 marketing post and the rest are personality.  For twitter I don’t post more than once every half hour and for Facebook usually 3-4 post.

November I will be focusing on reaching out to other writers . I will be hosting some book reviews on the blog and will be submitting some guest post to other sites.

How about you? Do you set goals?


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2 thoughts on “Fired Up On The Blog

  1. Thanks for sharing what you have been learning. As bloggers, there is so much we can learn from each other. I especially enjoy the community aspect of blogging. I’m visiting from Grace & Truth. have a blessed weekend!


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