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Opening Doors To Feelings

Last Monday I talked about how I am dealing with having two very stressed out kids at home in my post Dealing With Stressed Out Kids.  This week I am talking about Opening Doors To Feelings. Talking about feelings in this household is very hard thing to do.

Not because we don’t do it but for our non-verbal child it is hard to process.

I can talk about being sad, happy, joy, mad, and disgust until I am blue in the face but my child can not say it back to me. Lilly can not come up to me and say, “Mom I am so mad at A-man,” or “I am sad.”

Don’t get me wrong I have tried using picture cards with emotions on them and they just frustrate her to the point that she mentally shuts down on me.


Recently we stumbled across the movie Inside Out trailer. Lilly loved watching it. Something inside her lit up like I have never seen before. (We can not wait to see the whole movie!)

This gave me hope for the first time.

Right now I am in the process of hunting the internet for ideas on how to teach feeling at a level that Lilly will grasp.  I can not wait for the DVD release of Inside Out because I am hoping that there will be some great merchandise to work with! (And in our local stores saving me a drive to the city)

I have a few ideas floating around my brain so it will be interesting to see the end results. What about you? How do you talk to your children about feelings? Let me know I’d love to bounce ideas off people.


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Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional if you are experiencing stress issues with your child please you contact your doctor. These strategies I use were provided by my experience as an Early Childhood Professional, and Lilly’s Professional Team. Both my children’s mental health are monitored by professionals. A child’s mental health is important and should be taken seriously like another condition.

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