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In the last two months I have been busy trying to get my social media numbers up, get solid content  out and expand my brand. As of this week my Facebook likes are way up, I have over 800 twitter followers,  and I have been asked to guest post on another blog. I’m starting to accomplish my goals.

In the last twenty-four hours my life has gone chaotic.

My perfectly planned up coming week has turned into lots of appointments, and dashing around on top of my regular routine things. Plus to accommodate these busy days Lilly’s school schedule has been switched around which means my carefully set up respite schedule is amok.

Oh and don’t forget the 4 separate bundles of special needs paper work that I need to do to!

By noon yesterday I was starting to feel very overwhelmed. In the past this is usually when my business goes on the back burner but not this time. Instead I took half an hour rest yesterday afternoon and by the time my feet hit the floor again I knew what I needed to do.

Thanks to The Fired Up & Focused Challenge I have new tools to help me stay wickedly focused on both the administrative side of my daughter’s special needs and as the CEO of Mommas Wonderings Brand. 

What I did was I began to implement my four steps to coming up with a game plan.

The Brain Dump            This was one of the first things Rachel Cook teaches you in The Fired Up and Focused Challenge. For me this is very helpful in putting a stop to being overwhelmed.  I get rid of everything I need to do on paper than organized them on a white board in four areas; Urgent, Important/But Not Urgent, Development, Busyness.  As I go by the white board I know now what exactly I need to do to get things done and mark them off when done.

Promodoro                       Is a technique that Rachel explains in her challenge. The first time I did a Promodoro I couldn’t get over how much work I got done and the quality! As I look at my white board I know exactly how many work Promodoro’s it will take to get the Urgent section cleared; right now it’s two one and half hour sessions. So my goal for this weekend is to do exactly that! I need to make room for two Promodoro’s so I can start the week off on the right foot.

Wickedly Focused 2

Business Hours               Before The Fired Up & Focused Challenge I put out content when I could. I am a full-time mom to two children, one with major physical and other developmental needs; life is busy. When I looked at my white board I quickly came to the conclusion that this is a week to focus on my content, less busy work (Social Media hours) and work between 2-3 hours. This is a very realistic goal for me and my business doesn’t suffer.

Scheduling                          My day-to-day schedule has been derailed but one of the things I learned from Rachel is to make a top 3 list of things to do on top of your daily routine.  These are three things I really need to get done no matter what. Today as I go about my day I know that I need to get the store to buy paper so I can print forms, call in that intake for Lilly’s services, and finish off that baby present.  At the end of the day I will feel amazing over the fact these things are accomplished.

These are just some of the techniques I have learned from The Fired Up & Focused Challenge. One of the things I can honestly say that I walked away from this challenge with was the shift in how I view myself.

I know see myself as a CEO period. That I have four divisions; my brand, Lilly’s Aypical Needs, my family, and myself. Each one is just as important as the other and I need to balance them.

I need to stop the Atypical Needs from taking over from the other divisions. That it is important to recognize when things are getting overwhelming and implement a game plan.  momentumn

This is how I stay Wickedly Focused during chaos.


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Fired Up & Focused Fea

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