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Getting Fired Up & Focused

I have a confession, for the better part of this past year I was actually thinking about giving up blogging, and writing. Yes, one of my gifts from God is writing it’s just with Lilly’s ability declining the blog just became another thing to do.

What changed? Why am I still here? How come I am putting out some of the best content ever?

I singed up for a Rachel Cooks The Fired Up And Focused Challenge on a whim. I think it was for a week before I singed up I kept seeing an advertisement for the challenge on Facebook. Yes, I totally blew it off thinking it was not worth my time.

Boy was I wrong!

Maybe it was the exhaustion or I was just so tired of being burned out but I clicked the ad and ended up signing up one day.

I printed out the challenge book and waited for the first email. At the same time The Hubby realized that I could be a virtual assistant or a social media manager.  He told me that I need to clean up my social media accounts.

I only was able to do up to day 12 of the challenge and then life just blew up which resulted in me getting way behind. Even just doing 12 days it made a huge impact on my life.

Fired Up And Focused QFB

Every day I opened up my email to read things like you are amazing-just wanted to let you know! (How up lifting is that!)The email would have a great little write-up and a link to a video of that days challenge.

I learned so much from the challenge videos. The mine thing I really took away from them is this blog is a business it’s just my mind frame needs to change.

One of the awesome things about this challenge is the Facebook Group. I learned so much just by clicking into the group each day for 20 minutes and reading what everyone else is doing.

It was encouraging to see people make huge leaps in their business. The great thing is I could share the leaps in my business there and they celebrated with me. It made me feel like a CEO!

This challenged impacted me so much that I have separated my experience into a three-part series;  Fired Up & Focused, (Today), Wickedly Focused, (October 23, 2015), Fired Up On The Blog, (October 30, 2015.) And yes I am already signed up for Rachel Cooks next challenge!

You are awesome and I will see you back here for Wickedly Focused!


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6 thoughts on “Getting Fired Up & Focused

  1. I think it is wonderful that you continued to blog even though it was feeling like a chore. Some times motivation and passion take a vacation but the work still needs to get done. Sticking to it through the short term drudgery to gain the long term success is a great character trait. It is now even better that your passion is back on fire.


  2. I also did the challenge and I really enjoyed it. It helped get organized and restructured my blog all over. I just started blogging Sept 1st this year so it has been a learning experience and I truly love it 🙂

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