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Pulling The Thread

As many of you know I have been linking up with Good Morning Girls most Wednesdays. That’s going to change for a while due to my workload being crazy. I love the Acts study, don’t get me wrong but I am busy with something.

I am a member of my church’s Ladies Ministry team and this fall session I am co-leading a study on Pulling The Thread by Jen Hatmaker. 

With the study my co-leader and I are supplying some discussion to go along with the study. The prep, writing and praying is taking up a bit more time than I first thought.

In session 1 of Pulling The Thread Jen talks about how her family did the 7 Experiment. In our study we are encouraging each other to chose one of the 7 and fast.

The 7 Experiment

Last week my doctor gave me orders to rest which made mine very obvious. It became quite obvious that I need to learn to rest in God more.

Tweet: Somewhere along the lines I have let busyness get in the way of rest.

I am quite excited to see how God works in my life through this fast.

Prayer has really been on my heart. I read this great post a while back about 7 ladies praying for each other. It inspired me to connect with ladies through prayer. My co-leader and I decided to try something new this fall, Prayer Sisters.

Prayer Sister

For the course of Pulling The Thread series ladies in our group have been paired up to pray for each other. Each week in the discussion questions we have supplied prayer prompts.

Prayer Sister Prompts

I am really excited to see what this fall bring to the ladies group and my life. Are you involved in a ladies group? Let me know 🙂



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