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A Season Of Prayer

At the beginning of this month we went to Lilly’s specialist and met her new orthopaedic surgeon for the first time.  (Her previous one retired) For the last three years we watched as Lilly’s legs declined and her sense of mobility.

At age two she could walk with a walker and we were quite excited but things changed. It started with small things and now its huge things.

It started with tight legs, which moved to chronic pain, and during this past summer at one point she wasn’t even mobile!

Well that afternoon not to long I signed the dotted line for the surgery. It wasn’t a surprise but the intensity of  what is going to happen shocked me. It was more than I expected.

Tweet: One thing that started to way heavy on my heart is prayer. My heart has been stirring that I am to enter a season of prayer.

Two weeks ago my pastor preached on the power of prayer. That day it felt like the words where being spoke right to me. I felt convicted that I haven’t been as dedicated to prayer as I have been in the past.

This past Sunday my husband encouraged me to go see the movie War Room. At first I felt silly sitting alone in the theater but the more I got into the movie I became glad to be alone.

I found myself soaking in the movie. My whole attention was focused on it.

Words that my pastor said weeks before were said in the movie. I felt moved to reinvent my prayer time. I moved my prayer area from the kitchen table to a closet.

Why? My husband is often home when I pray and in a closet he can’t disturb me.

I got a white board to write down scriptures and prayer items on. But the biggest change has been writing my prayer time in my calendar. On top of a bible time where I study Good Morning Girls Acts Bible Study, I now have a separate time just for prayer.

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My thoughts instantly went to who am I to oppose God’s calling me to prayer? If Peter didn’t oppose God’s command to eat with Gentiles than I really need to listen to God’s whispers into my life.

The next day I read about how Peter followed The Lord’s Angel out of the prison even though he had no idea what the Angel was doing, (Acts 12) This next year I really do not know what I am doing as a mom.

This will be very uncharted territory. God has blessed us with no surgeries until now. Lilly will have a minimum 7 week hospital stay an hour away from us.

I have no idea how we will handle this as parents, as husband and wife, and as people.

This reminder of how Peter just put his trust into God, and God saved him from Herod’s Prison really hit home. I need to put my trust in God.

Tweet: As life get’s really unpredictable I need to focus on God and trust him to work in this situation

This fall I will be moving into a season of prayer. Has God been talking to you about prayer? Please comment below and let me know 🙂



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