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Your Stronger Than You Think: Teen Mom Review

Tricia Goyer is one of my favourite christian authors. Over the years I  have read quite a few of her books. When I read that she was doing a book launch for her book Teen Mom I got really excited and signed up.

One of the reason why I was so excited is Tricia Goyer is a teen mom herself. I was looking forward to see some insight from her experience.

During my high school years I knew a few teen moms. The small mountain town I grew up in had a high teen pregnancy rate and had a day care on the same property as our high school.  During my college days I also did some observations in a daycare for teen moms. (This was in a city.)

When I got the book in the mail I was so excited. I started reading it right away and then life happened. Lilly left leg started throwing issues. My good days became rare. The hard, tough, gruelling days had become a daily occurrence.

Your Stronger Than You Think

I found myself reading a page here and a page there but than something happened, I could relate to the book. Yes, I wasn’t a teen mom but a lot of the content I could see in my life. Chapters that covered things like do I matter, who am I and where am I going stood out to me.

It was like God was reminding me some key aspects of who I am.

One thing that Tricia Goyer said that really stood out to me was, “Another reason why your role is important is because the better mother you become, the better person your child will be for life.” (pg 37)

On those really hard days it was good reminder that life was tough but being a good mom will make my child a better person in the long run. Keeping my cool on those days of high pain, tones of temper-tantrums and laying on the couch doing nothing  will positively affect my child.

The book is full of stories of real teen moms, (not the one’s on reality tv), and how things affected their life. I felt like I personally knew them as read their stories.

Teen Mom is full of encouragement and wisdom. It’s an easy book to follow and will draw its readers in. I will be donating my copy that I received to do this review to my church’s library. I also encourage you if you know a teen mom go out and give them this book!




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