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Fired Up For Acts

Welcome, today I am excited to be linking up with other bloggers who are blogging through the bible at Good Morning Girls. This is I believe my third study through Good Morning Girls and I love it. 🙂 (I am so bad at keeping track.)

The reason why I love it so much is it’s easy to keep track of. At anytime you can access the materials on the website. I also love reading what other blogger’s are taking in from the study.

It gives me a new perspective on verses.

When I saw the teaser for Acts I honestly did not know what to think. I personally haven’t spent a lot of time in Acts. When I read the first post by Courtney explaining a bit about Acts  it got me fired up for this study!

I have not yet read Acts 3 due to the fact I often do my bible study at night when my little ones are tucked in for the night. (Something about the quietness of the evening soothes my soul)

On both Monday and Tuesday I was drawn to verses about the Holy Spirit. Lately as I go through my day I have been stopping and thinking does my actions reflect God?

Acts 1:8

One of the phrases that really stands out to me was; you will be my witnesses.  As a stay at home mom I can go all day without seeing a single soul physically other than my children.

Our days are often filled with hanging around the house but that will change a bit as we start school and speech groups.


Yesterday as my patiences got thin with A-man I kept reminding myself to show him grace. As Lilly pushed my buttons, I reminded myself to watch my words.

It would have been easy to let my tongue fly with my love ones but that wouldn’t be allowing God to work through me. Those little eye’s are watching everything I do and soaking it in.

They hear every word I say. Yes, I am not perfect mom. More times than I’d like to admit my flesh shows through but I pray that my children will see God shine through me.

What about you? Who are your witnesses? Are you studying Acts also right now? Please comment below and let me know!


This post is linked up at Blogging Through The Bible With Good Morning Girls


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