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Why Montessori and Us?

Since the birth of Lilly we have been working on something. Therapy started at basically the age of 0 and hasn’t stopped. As each goal, milestone and stepping stone has been met the therapy has changed to reflect the new goals.

Basically we haven’t been doing the same thing for the last 6 years.

As seasons change methods adapt. I have always done more of a project play learning style with Lilly. As a student the idea of Montessori was kind of romantic for me.  There was a lot of things I liked but I didn’t commit to making my career around it.

We have always gone of Lilly’s lead and done activities on her interest.

I had a period in my life recently where both of my kids just seemed to be not clicking right.  They were just off. The nice thing about rest is you can sit back and think clearly.

In other words a non tired Momma can actually trouble shoot issues in the house.

I realized a some thing:

I have a house set up for one style of learning, Lilly’s.  A-man has flourished because well it’s A-man but things would run smoother if we accommodated him a bit more.

So I started small. I started a job routine with the kids. Nothing big but it worked. I took our morning routine and made it all about doing our jobs. A routine that could take 2 hours to do can be done in an hour now. 🙂 And the best part. Less behaviour on the good days 🙂

I also by accident let Lilly and A-man pick out lunch kits. (Lilly was only supposed to get one.) With A-man it is now his job to carry, (eventually he will pack it)  his kit to the Van, and then into where ever we go.

I find giving him this job to focus on in public has helped with his social issues. He has become less of a cling on.

Lilly’s job when they are in public is to take the lead. Her psychologist has recommended this to help A-man out. When we go out in public we need to encourage A-man to stick by her until he is ready to do his own thing. (Guess what it works!)

Why Montessori and Us pic

I also rearranged the toys a bit and the play has improved. 🙂

Right now I am still reading up on environments, and how to encourage learning. I have a “helping tower” on order with a local lady. There are a few items I’d like to pick up. But when you make a change like this to your household it needs to be tinny steps.

The fact is the psychologist stated: “You have two totally different learners in your household. A really fast, hands on job oriented child, (A-man) and a very slow, slow, slow learner who learns outside the box. (Lilly)”

I’m hoping by switching over our style of home I can accommodate both children. That about you? Have you made a change in your teaching style?


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