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Jumping Back Into The School Year

Yesterday was the first day of school around here. My friends posted pictures of the kids heading off to school and I smiled. Last June we made the decision that Lilly will start attending public school.

It has left a lot of anxiety in me.

The last time we tried public school Lilly would go into brain overload after school and life was not fun.

Last June I sat in a coffee shop talking to a friend  about all my fears of sending Lilly to school. She pointed out two things

Lilly is order

I am a lot wiser

My friend was right. Things have changed. Lilly is older and I am wiser. This past summer I went through process of gathering paper work to help Lilly out in school.

Yesterday when most children started the first day of school Lilly stayed home. Instead I went to school for a meeting to prepare things  for Lilly’s first day of school.

At home we are making some changes to help with balance things out after school. I am slowly starting to set up our household Montessori style.

The theory behind this is to make an environment that encourages both kids to be independent and accommodate both learning styles.

This is something I will talk about later this month in a post called Why Montessori and Us?

A neat thing happened yesterday. At church last week I told some of Lilly’s friends that she will be attending their school. I got a message on my wall from their mom.

“Today J told his new teacher that his friend Lilly will be attending school”

It warms my heart knowing that Lilly has friends who will watch out for her at school.

How did the first day of school go for you?


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