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Digging Deep: A New Journey

One of the great things about my rest period is I got back into the habit of journaling. It made me fall back in love with writing.  I can’t say when life got a bit dry for me but it did.  Blogging had become a chore instead of a love.

Just the thought of opening up my laptop to write overwhelmed me. I’d read post of other bloggers Goals for the month and stats that left me discouraged.

During that period of no blogging I realized something very important. I had stopped blogging for God. 

Blogging has never been about what the world is expecting. Instead it has always been about what God leads me to. I’ve never really followed trends or gone with themes.

Now it’s time to start following what God wants me to do. One of the things that came clear to me was that I need to dedicated certain days to certain topics.

Digging Deeper

Each week you will find post that will fit this schedule.

This fall my personal bible study will be Good Morning Girls Acts Bible Study. Every Wednesday you will find a post on what I have learned that week from the book of Acts and I will be linking up to


Last week I read a post that made me stop and think about things. The post is called Warning: Don’t Read If Your Life Is Perfect by Women A Bidding. At one point in the post it talks about having 7 people pray for you.  You assign each lady a day of a week to pray for you.

After reading that post I sat there for a while thinking to myself, can you imagine the power of seven ladies getting together to pray for each other for a year?

The things that God would do in their life?

Honestly it left me numb.

Right now I am in the process of pray trying to figure out what God wants me to do with this new idea. I don’t want to rush into something and I want this to be from God.

How about you? Can you imagine have 7 people praying for you on a regular basis?


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